Vikas V. Varma, M.D.

Dr. Varma is an Assistant Clinical Professor the Mount Sinai School of Medicine. He completed a prestigious fellowship in spinal surgery where he was trained in complex and advanced spinal decompression and reconstructive surgery, including minimally invasive techniques for spinal deformity as well as cervical and lumbar degenerative conditions. Dr. Varma also completed a fellowship in sports medicine. In addition to arthroscopy, he learned the subtleties of caring for orthopaedic problems in high-level athletes, and the challenge of returning them to peak performance. Historically, both spinal diseases as well as spinal surgery have been potentially debilitating. His unique fellowship training
has helped him combine the concepts of sports medicine and spinal surgery in order optimize the use of rehabilitation strategies as well as minimally invasive surgery principles in order to help patients reach their goals as quickly as possible.