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UnderstandSpineSurgery.com is an educational web site created by Understand.com. and exclusively sponsored by Stryker Corporation. This site was created to help patients better understand spine conditions and procedures.

Founded in 2003, Understand.com's sole focus is to create content that helps surgeons and patients better interact. Understand.com has educated millions of patients and has over 2,000 physicians licensing content around the world.

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Stryker Spine began internationally in the late 1980s as Dimso Corporation, Bordeaux, France. Since introduced to the US market in 1996 it has rapidly become a major participant in the Spinal Implant market.

One of the newest divisions within Stryker Corporation, Stryker Spine develops, manufactures, and sells a full range of spinal implants for spinal surgeries in sixty- four key markets around the world.

Global operations are based in two locations: Bordeaux, France and Allendale, NJ. Product development and marketing is managed globally with professionals in both locations. Bordeaux is the global manufacturing location while our facility in Allendale, NJ serves as the nexus for sales, R&D, and marketing activities in the US.

Stryker Spine works closely with its sister divisions: Orthobiologics, Pain Management, Orthopaedics, and Instruments as examples, to bring a comprehensive set of solutions to our surgeon customers.