Removal of either bone, disc or calcified ligaments, which is pushing on nerves.
Degenerative Disc Disease
Changes which occur in the intervertebral disc during the normal aging process, which makes the disc more brittle.
Disc Bulge
A small disc herniation which can irritate a nerve, but usually does not require surgery.
The cushion between each of the vertebral bodies.
Disc Protrusion
A larger disc herniation which frequently pushes on nerves in the arms and legs causing pain.
Disc Herniation
Occurs when a portion of the cushion between the vertebral bodies (intervertebral disc) is no longer in its normal position. The disc usually ruptures posteriorly and pushes on nerves to the arms and legs.
Removal of a portion of the disc.
An injection of contrast material into the central region of the disc. This is often followed by an x-ray or CT scan.
Dura Matter
The membrane that forms the outer covering of the central nervous system.